Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Tests and Information

I have put off making an entry for several weeks primarily because I haven’t felt well enough to sit and type. Also, there hasn’t been much good news and I thought I’d spare the reader from bad news.

There have been 3 major events in the meanwhile.

The first was the discovery of a blood clot on the liver. Additionally part of the liver has died. The Doctor has put me on blood thinners which I am required to take every morning. The medication is delivered via a shot which Kathy gives me every morning in the belly. She does an excellent job but every once in a while she hits the wrong spot. The shots leave a nice bruise pattern.

The second event was a review of the brain tumors. This is good news. I had 3 weeks of radiation in October. It takes a long time to recover from radiation. November and December were very difficult although it seems to have worked and killed off the tumors in the brain.

The last event happened today. This is bad news. Monday I had another full set of scans to measure how well the treatment program is going particularly in my chest and hip area. The lung tumors are pretty much the same as before treatment. However, the tumor in my pelvis has grown and a few more spots were found in the lumbar area. I’m hoping that this is the cause of the pain in my left leg. If so, perhaps we can do radiation on the area and relieve some the pressure on the leg nerves.

Over the new few weeks I will have additional scans and hopefully have more information. I have been feeling much better this last week and have little reason to complain or to not look forward to this spring and summer.


K said...

I bet it was great to see Kris, huh? Even when you're feeling awful, the sight of a beloved face has to be a little bit bracing - a comfort to the heart. YAY about the brain. Sorry about the lumbar stuff. That sucks. How blessed you are to have the kind of partner Kathy is. She'd take a bullet for you, and has a million times and will a million more. Whatever else is happening in the universe, you are in good hands.

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